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A book by Simon Templar

It is the nature of our existence that we are all struggling to understand, and standing firmly on the wrong understanding seems to thwart our ability as humans to progress.  If humanity could align itself in a common worldview, we could really start to see an end to suffering and the start of a peaceful coexistence.



What happens when a regular guy sets out to discover a theory of everything - a single, true, worldview?

Indoctrinated into Catholicism at a very young age, Simon Templar (author's pseudonym) began to experience cognitive dissonance early in life as his education revealed a multitude of undeniable scientific truths which directly clashed with the faith-based mandates and teachings of his religion.  As a motivated truth-seeker, Simon set out to make sense of what he had been instructed to believe as a young child and what he could actually know through education, observation, and rational thinking.  So began his journey deep into the rabbit hole - a journey fueled by philosophy, research, and passion. 

Hacking Existence is what Simon calls his "Cliff Notes for Life," wherein he draws upon a decade's worth of research into physics, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, evolutionary psychology, game theory, religion, history, anthropology, philosophy, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and Bayesian reasoning. 

"Given that the average person lacks the time and gumption to acquire even the slightest understanding of any of these disciplines, I wanted to write a book that distilled an immense amount of information into a single big-picture understanding of that which we call existence - and I wanted it to be easy to understand," says Simon.

"My hope is that everyone who reads Hacking Existence will find peace through knowledge.  In the light of that which is true, it becomes apparent how one should live to be fully content."

"Nobody ever figures out what life is all about, and it doesn't matter.  Explore the world!  Nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough."

Richard Feynman



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